The Wisdom Seeker’s Taro...

Mar 5, 2017 by

Originally published as The Truth Seeker’s Tarot in 2008 by Watkins, this deck has been re-issued as The Wisdom Seeker’s Tarot in...

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The Hobbit Tarot

Jan 12, 2013 by

By Peter Pracownik and Terry Donaldson Published by US Games Systems Inc. 78 card Tarot deck and booklet ISBN: 978-1572816770 This...

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The Salvador Dali Tarot Book

Jan 9, 2013 by

  Artwork by Salvadore Dali Text (192 pages) written by Johannes Fiebig ISBN: 978-3898756204 The Salvador Dali Tarot Book is a...

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The Enchanted Tarot

Jan 4, 2013 by

The Enchanted Tarot By Amy Zerner and Monte Farber Box containing 78 cards, 192 page fully illustrated guidebook Published by...

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The Joan Charles Tarot

Dec 29, 2012 by

Although it is called the Joan Charles Tarot, this beautiful deck is actually painted by art student Berangere Toulet. She was chosen...

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The Gilded Reverie Lenormand

Dec 28, 2012 by

I’ve tried very hard to get into the Lenormand craze that has taken over the Tarot world in 2012 (and is set to do so into...

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