The Mary-El Tarot

Mar 29, 2012 by

I’ve waited ten years to hold this beautiful creature of art and mystery in my hands. Ten long years in the making, and here it is...

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The Steampunk Tarot

Mar 28, 2012 by

The Steampunk Tarot, by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell (pub. Llewellyn, 2011) video reviewed “out of the box” by Marcus...

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Minoan Tarot

Mar 27, 2012 by

We take a sneak peek at The Minoan Tarot, the latest deck by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, also the creatrix of the Tarot of the Crone and...

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Fantasy Showcase Tarot

Mar 20, 2012 by

This is one Golden Oldie that you’ll return to time and time again… It’s not often one finds a collaborative deck being...

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The Tarot House

Mar 16, 2012 by

Many decks today are what we might call “clones”, usually of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot, simply copying the images in a different...

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